domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

San Diego, 2001

I used to live in San Diego, California. Eight years ago. It was short period of time around six months between April and October. Since I came back home it´s been quite difficult to keep on touch with special people who I used to hang out and party around. Specially Sabrina, Sarah, Kathy, Felix, Nikola, Renata, Freya, Mônica, Mona, Elena, Martina, Alex, Barbara, Dominique, Gorian, Hugo and Gabriel. Summer parties, beach parties, Los Angeles, pool parties, wood´s parties... Kinda like this guys, because they were (and still are) very important to me in my life. One year later I lost my father and they, even far away from me, were there.

I like remembering when we used to dream about life and have fun like there´s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, I couldn´t meet some of you guys here in Rio in Carnaval this year. Shame on me! But I am really looking forward to make this fail up.

Nowadays it became easier to keep on touch even though people live far away from each other. Besides e-mail and facebook stuff, I think the most important is the feeling that moves our friendship. It doens´t matter distance nor time, but love and respect. I am sincerely happy to find some of you and have the possibilities to talk and know about our lives from now on. I wake up happier than I dreamed of.

So much happiness is because I decided to make a trip in 2010/2011. Still don´t know the right time. And I´m headed to Europe, probably France and Spain. I´m going to study. It was a hard decision, ´cause I gonna change some plans to elaborate better ones.
That´s it, folks! I´ve already "talk" too much. Write me.

See you


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